Does Rishi Sunak just say no to Immigration-Yes or No?

Rishi Sunak new year message revolved around his five goal plans. One of which was his immigration policy. Currently, UK receives lot of immigration calls from various parts of the world near it. Immigration can be legal and illegal. The main source of illegal immigration to UK is from boats. People arrive in boats to UK to take shelter. Rishi Sunak was heard saying say “No” to boats. Well, someone who has traveled miles in the sea just to reach UK, can’t be said bold words of No, I don’t think so. Rest they are lawmakers, we just present our ideas. This seemed like quite a mean statement.

Well, classroom for policies is one thing real implementation is another thing. If you want to say no to people coming on boats to you, as Rishi Sunak calls it “Say No to boats”. No it’s not boats, there are people suffering on these boats too, these are not just empty boats. The people are tired after a tough journey to UK. So, if you want to say no to boats, be humane. Know why they left their country, and help them in going back, if you don’t want to open, visas on arrival for them. Otherwise, a predefined number of applications can be asked for and processed for further policy implementations.

There are other kinds of migrations that involve other ways young, educated people enter UK, that was being talked of. But those are well-off people, who are not covered in this article. Those who reach on boat from distance are hungry, often sick, and tired. Don’t just say NO in a blunt way.

Why not make policies that are friendly, securing your borders and at the same time not hurting the people ? Ok, it’s understood you want to say no to people on the boat, but why not process the things, and give them care and greetings before sending them back? Show them your welcome greetings. One should be kind, in any circumstance. We have not read the full policy; we hope it is a warm way to say No to boats rather than a harsh way.


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