The Sprit of Mother Nature

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This is a short article of how materialistic worlds and spiritual worlds walk together at times of calamities people call Spirit of Mother Nature as well as for science of climate change.

Given the climate extremes and weather impacts on lives. Deny it or not so many people speaking of Mother Nature is in anger or in disgust, these days. We all say this is as if she is some kind of high spirit or a Goddess. Is she really in anger or is she in pain, we just say these words knowing that mother nature is not in right mode. She can be in pain herself. However, there are no common formal names for her in literatures. But people refer to this name, Mother Nature.

On one side people call it climate change impacts and yet the more yester thinking people call it Mother natures fury. Well, we must note on one side we call her Mother and on other side we call it she is dumping things on us, as some female US based politician called it. No, she is Mother Nature, the aspiring Sprit of Nature she is. She is not just a spirit, but a beautiful high sprit. We have seen healthy nature all time, echoing its beauty in all directions. The birds chirping in beautiful landscapes to huge lush green gardens and valleys with riverside. This is Nature, and the day you call it Mother Nature things change. We call it Mother Nature, as is common term used on in communications regarding nature and its phenomenons. So, as we call her Mother Nature, the sprit of which is everlasting beautiful, how can it harm its own people? How can it harm those who love it? No, it cant happen.

Given more disasters in climate phenomenon these days. It was evident something is not right. But if you call it Mother Natures work, then know the sprit of Mother Nature must be in some jeopardy, which creator does such things. No-one. One must know that creating these beautiful things, anything that is so nice, cant be destroyed by the creator. There must be some power, power powerful than us, that we all call Mother Nature. And this is highly broken and effected. Mother Nature is highly in pains and sufferings. Lets pray for its healings. 

And if you are more practical and less spiritual you can view this as a climate change impact. Nothing to deal with sprit of Mother Nature. But so many people have referred to recent nature’s calamities as referring it to Mother Natures fury, no dear people, it cant be fury, it must be some pain, and problems, the Sprit of Mother Nature is in. And, otherwise call it climate change, what ever you like, this has been explained in from both fronts, spiritual and materilistic worlds. The materialistic world refer to materialistic scientific proofs for all phenomenon and the former refer to belief in spiritual beliefs and his proficiency. Both materialistic worlds and spiritual worlds go hand in hand in times of calamities.

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