Paintings by AI: Unethical or Ethical?

Now the new paints by AI are coming out to be quite good. These are kinds of robotic paints, not directly produced by a robot but by algorithms that rely on human learning. Hence, they are dependent on humans to produce results. And don’t be surprised if some parts in the partition of the canvas are taken partially from a well-known script too. This happens as some parts of algorithms may be produced by statistical learning as well.

Paints and Images made with AI are not comparable to novel human artwork- not, at least till many more years.

It’s a fight between human-made paints and paints made with AI. AI paints can copy, edit, and recreate.


But the real image it cuts copies have been made by some humans. Okies? This is it, the baselines on which someone makes the AI paints are with human arts, human photography, and human editing. And AI art is made on top of it.

Yes, AI does wonderful editing, and wonderful drawing. But AI is like a trained machine algorithm, which was trained on paintings, arts, and photography made by humans. So, if you made a beautiful new thing of art in virtual world, know the base of art was someone’s art, and the right credit must go to the owner of the art too.

Humans must not fear, as humans are always a winner in this competition with machines.

Why — as human work was used to make AI algorithms learn and relearn how to draw. It needs Input and your tags to draw, and input is made by humans.

Lest it validates the output produced by comparing it with human arts and paintings as well. This is yet another dependency that is there between AI paints and paints by humans.

Note: The images in this article are produced by OpenAI Dale-2 algorithm.

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