Tiger, Tigress and Cubs — How Many Left ?

Once the Ministers of Jungles now, endangered- Tigers !

Tigers population is now in a few thousand as per internet sources [1]. These big, beautiful cats are powerful in strength and can hunt and eat big fast animals like even buffaloes. They are known for their hunting skills, but sadly they were made targets of hunters who used to hunt them for various reasons. Firstly, the skin of tigers is collected for several reasons and even the teeth and nails, are considered to be useful in south Asian parts of their hive.

Let’s respect tigers, lets respect and spread information that collecting its skin and parts are not a show of pride, but a question to rethink.

These top ministers of Jungles are vanishing at a high rate. We need to do something to preserve these varieties of tigers which are predominantly now only in the Asian part of the world only, seem like this as per all major internet sources.

The variety of these animals in these parts of Asia varies quite well, to distinguish them. The tigers in Serbia are very furry, while there was a mention of blue fur tigers too on WWW, though the claims are yet to be verified. White tigers we all have seen, but how many are left?

So, lets save tigers, with proper care, the Tiger, Tigress, and the little cubs. These are not to be used as a means of leisure, respect their time, diet, and their animal rights too.

All tigers have unique pattern of lines on their bodies, again as per internet sources. Why not use this fact, and register the unique pattern as their fingerprints for their safety.

If one watch the tigers hunt in open forest, then they kept track of animals to whom they would pray. They take time in hunting, it’s not just what they get, it’s whom they prey.

So lets save tigers for future generation to see the big cats who was so fierce and who was so much an attraction for men. Now hunting is legally an offence. And we hope more rights be given to big cat called tigers.

Note: The art work here in this article is made with help of Dall-E2 toolkits by OpenAI


[1] https://tigertribe.net/tiger-population-number-of-tigers-in-the-world/

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