Queen Elizabeth The I- Questionnaire in Absentia

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Note: The facts are the union of several articles, documentaries, and movies written and scripted on her life. There may be human-generated errors, which are purely unintentional, and these are not to be considered historical facts. Though we have tried to keep these errors to a minimum. Most of these events are facts of the life of Elizabeth one.

Here is a short questionnaire in absentia!

What is Elizabeth I known for?

She was one of the best female monarchs’ histories could ever have. She was courageous, she motivated her troops well, and she was herself a warrior, though with a soft heart. She ruled and this period of rule is also called the golden age in the era of the welfare of the people and developments to advancements.

Was her professional life easy?

The perplexities that surrounded her were enormous in both their personal and professional lives. She gave her all to her state, her country. She had many rivals, many enemies, but her aim was not just the crown but the welfare and hence she had God by her side. In short, her professional life was not easy, and she was on run for one problem after another, though some major problems are always listed in history, rest are understood to be on backgrounds.

Was her personal life easy?

She never married nor she considered any relationships in her court. She developed some enemies for this reason alone. Ever since childhood, she was faced enormous difficulties. As she became Queen after her half brother’s death, the crown was on her head as a 25 year old woman, but challenges all over the carpets she walked on. She was victim to abuse as well, of both kinds.

What made her professional life difficult?

The key professional problem once she got the crown was, her cousin’s sister Queen of Scotts, who wanted to overthrow her, in the name of religion, she is being catholic, and Elizabeth-I was protestant. The task of maintaining peace in this highly divided country was not easy and maintaining the crown was even more difficult. Then there was Spain, whose offer to marry Elizabeth was once rejected by her. In history was a war between the two wherein, she won despite having lessor troops, and more unprepared and undersupplied. There were many more endeavors she worked on and are not talked of boldly.

What was her childhood like?

Starting from her own half-sister being against her. Her sister never liked her for many reasons, they were from different mothers, and prominently Elizabeth was a protestant, and she was a catholic, and they were key potential competitors of the crown and crowd of England. Apart from that many things she did to make her teenage tough and childhood troublesome. Even her father after a while didn’t care of her much. She was sent out to complete the courses in various disciplines.

Why she never married?

The man in her court she fell in love with, too wanted to marry her. But she was called out for being behind the demise of her lover’s wife. This made her away from thinking of marriage as a Queen and can’t be set to be under such allegations.

Who was her heir, given she never married ?

The son of her cousin sister, Mary of Scotts, was a catholic King she choose to rule after her.

How did she died?

Elizabeth (7 September 1533–24 March 1603) died of natural death, though she suffered many illnesses, such as throat problems and fevers.

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