Galaxy Number 884, The Boxing Galaxy #fiction

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Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. If you find a resemblance, it is purely co-incidental and is not meant to hurt any sentiments. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it.

The concepts are taken form my book the Colored Princess, available on Kindle.

This is a story far off in Universe, where boxing was the language to talk. Yeah, they used boxing to talk and do things. All moves of boxing that are know here and many unknown moves too, there in Boxing Galaxy 884, there were meanings associated with each move. Each move in boxing in boxing galaxy meant some gesture, meant some part of the talk.

A small punch position, meant, come in for tea!

While a big punch position, meant, would you have lunch with me?

This cute little world, people from around the universe used to come as souls to have fun and also to learn boxing.

The boxing there didn’t meant, harsh hitting, but a language of love, just they expressed love in a different way.

Yes, souls around the worlds came in there. They then wear their galaxy body covers and then they had the strength to do the toughest conversations called boxing talks.

The main leads of the story are Gerima and Semeta. Their souls entered the bodies of boxing worlds and they met, as soon as they came out of the box.

Yes, Gerima and Semeta, the souls enter the spaceships and get in new solid body covers and looked like kind of humans, but with muscles and toughness required to create the right talks. This is all fictional, but in this fiction place this is how the things happens.

The tomatoes and cucumbers too talked in the language of Boxing.

Love is universal, and this is a fictional part of universe, so why would they be behind in love? Special boxing gestures were for love birds in this place.

Gerima and Semat, were all time in loving boxing gestures, they loved boxing most, and spend days caressing in boxing talks of love.

And the known ones talked in language of boxing all the time. People outside this Galaxy 884 thought, tracked them on telescopes. The trackers thought these guys are practicing boxing, while, yes while they were sharing stories. As this place people hardly talked but gestures and postures ruled this part of world.

The schools and universities gave courses on learning how to do boxing gestures, and boxing talks. People did research on which boxing move can mean a new topic in conversation.

Yes, Gerima and her partner Samata, met on their visit in spaceship to Boxing Galaxy, but it felt to them as if they are in love since zillion years. They fell in unbreakable love in the Galaxy 884 of Boxing, and since past 30,000 years they are still in love. Now both Gerima and Semata take births in other galaxies and are learning new courses. In the end, they married and are living happily ever since.

Hi, from Boxing Galaxy, come by and visit this when you are willing in the spaceship of souls. This was a short fictional story of love of Gerima and Semata, this love story germinated in the Boxing Galaxy.

Note 2: Some of these images in this article, these were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product Dall E 2.

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