Galaxy Number 884, The Boxing Galaxy #fiction

#fiction #science_fiction Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. If you find a resemblance, it is purely co-incidental and is not meant to hurt any sentiments. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away fromContinue reading “Galaxy Number 884, The Boxing Galaxy #fiction”

Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022

Here are my this week’s paintings. You can buy these they are available on NFT to buy, at link on He, She and Love – Collection | OpenSea This is a frosty time of the day, the following painting of the day depicts the same. Next is a serene sunlight day, by the sideContinue reading “Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022”

My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)

Here is a greeting warm and gentle I can read your moves I am expressing my love For you Oh my adorable lover You are my lovely love .. And how much I love Want to be with you near my man My lovely man Who is so handsome in looks And Who is soContinue reading “My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)”

Two angels flying past sky

#fiction #imagination It was Sunday I again started with Color’s and made yet another flying sprits. Why do flying sprits take attention in arts ? Let’s answer these questions. Angels, fairies and flying humans are part of mankind’s history. But how much is this true? These are some points. And this attracts us to drawingContinue reading “Two angels flying past sky”

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes art (Reference DAAL-E)

Some art made with Artificial Intelligence ( DAAL-E2). Why I draw as I love art myself. Note: These images are produced by DAAL-E2 Here it is – I asked DAAL-E to draw a horse in city, office and restaurant. These are the art images AI made with DAAL-E

(Fiction) The New Science- I, The Infinite Rainbows

Note: This is completely fictional story, the concepts are fictional as well. All characters in story are fictional and bears no resemblance to anyone in real or imaginary lives. There is no assistance of anyone who is living or passed away. All story concepts are imaginary #sciencefiction #scific #fiction #imagionary Cast: The fictional cast isContinue reading “(Fiction) The New Science- I, The Infinite Rainbows”

Bye August 2022, A month to remember

Goodbye August 2022. It was a mixed month, with all kinds of Global News, to atmospheric phenomenons. Let’s hope September 2022 shall be better. For a better month for all us, let’s pray. Let’s pray! Below are my non technical articles form the shelf of August 2022. Articles for Thought 1. Something fishy: fresh waterContinue reading “Bye August 2022, A month to remember”

On this Divine Edge, A Poem

#imagionary #poem Note: All characters here in poem are fictional. This lyrics is completely imaginary and bears no resemblance to real life or anyone in real life. On this divine edge I fly to meet you Daring to bare all the boundaries That stops my voice to reach you .. On this divine edge IContinue reading “On this Divine Edge, A Poem”