She is a river flowing to meet her sea: The Story of a River

This is where my poetry journey started from. It was 15 years back, I wrote this, as I made my first Facebook account and it asked to write lines about yourself. I had no words, so I penned down a poem. This was the first poem I typed directly on description section on Facebook. However,Continue reading “She is a river flowing to meet her sea: The Story of a River”

With this Air I Am Sending You My Love

Here is my song, and I tried to sing it too, in my voice. With this air I am sending you my love…. With this Air I am sending you my love For remember  I shall always love you Through the day From the golden sunlight  That falls here From the snow-covered mountains From theContinue reading “With this Air I Am Sending You My Love”

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Wishing all a very Happy Valentines Day. I took 30 minutes time to sing my first song in my first Poem Book. The song is titled Rose, Like a Rose I love. The book is available online. The poem is here, sung in my own voice today. And below is the complete text for youContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone”

That is my life, A Spiritual Rainbow

This world is but materialistic desire for many But I have no materialistic desires But I say Your story can be different Your aspirations can be high, believe You can make the spiritual sun like glow even from raw mud This mud can be the basic work Say with me, Yes I don’t have realContinue reading “That is my life, A Spiritual Rainbow”

This Vase is But my heart

This is not a vaseBut my heartMy love embedded deep in thy soulIt’s not a vase that I see hereBut thou, my belovedThis vase holds me, the flowersAnd the love song between mein and thy holding strongTogether we are in this vase bonding our loveWhich spreads as aroma all aroundLove ripens as the flowers bloomContinue reading “This Vase is But my heart”