(Fiction) The New Science- I, The Infinite Rainbows

Note: This is completely fictional story, the concepts are fictional as well. All characters in story are fictional and bears no resemblance to anyone in real or imaginary lives. There is no assistance of anyone who is living or passed away. All story concepts are imaginary

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Cast: The fictional cast is in far off place in universe in far of vivid galaxy.

It was monsoon rains all over in all directions. From short sprinkles in mountains to high showers in sand on seas coasts. These flying clouds bring Rainbows everywhere as this lucky passage called Rainbow Beauty, is surrounded by sun’s from all direction right now. This happens as on path of revolution of the our fictional planet RainY Planet is also known as Rainbow Planet, it passes through tunnels which are surrounded by multiple sun’s and what we see is infinite rainbows. It is not attracted to any sun by gravitational pull, it’s at stable position, reason of the material of tunnel was not empty.

These multiple sun rays falls from many stars and falls from many directions on this planet in far off galaxy. The colors of sun’s in these paths are many. It’s impact is multi colored and multiple Rainbows in the planets paths. But only RainY planet receives so much rains in monsoon days, hence the evidence that the planet is in tunnel of Rainbow Beauty. Rainbow beauty is the passage of colored suns in which spiral galaxy moves in another dimension.

Aarasa and Neerasey were on this planet, yes they are the twins from the Novel, The Colored Princess. They were exercising their daily practice of tools, swords and bow arrow. This is because their mother Sinirica told them, the better the practice the better the preparedness if needed. What was the practice needed for? Little girls still young but doing a fortitude of work of adult warriors, yes both of them. 

One fine day, both girls woke up to sky filled with Rainbows from all direction. They never saw this ever before. As usually they called in their mother to know what’s going on. Neerasa asked Sinirica, “Mother what is this, so many rainbows” , she said, “Yes, was it raining in night daughters”, Aarasa added, “Yes mother”, then she replied in a calm tone, “Formation of 🌈 rainbows” your planet is passing through the tunnel of colored stars”. They both joyously replied to Sinirica, “It’s a miracle and magic. But why you sent us here, mother”.

“So that you understand science in these regions, it is needed as we have to change the science as more galaxies shall passing these tunnels. So do all the homework dear”.

“Ok mother”.

They girls called in their father as well. King Panitego was always obliged to receive their calls despite the workloads. They said to King Panitego, “Daddy send us some troops, we need to study the New Science”.

He laughed and replied, “Do you want to do more exploration of others planet’s?”

“No daddy”, Neerasey replied “we were sent in name of picnic to study the New Science by our clever mother. The new science of impacts on life’s of form by so many suns in tunnel. How we enter the tunnel, what happens to the galaxy and related concepts”.

King Panitego replied, “Good job, you shall be there for some time, take the help of Physics people we sending you, do it, it’s for New Science we are studying. Keep wearing sun glasses, the light after rain on that planet shall be high”

The girls escorted the physics people and these properties were studied as rainbows showed in day & nights,

In the end New Science Book 1 was written, published and their hard work was recognized.

Moral of Story: Hardwork don’t go waste, if propelled by good faith in oneself.

Note: This is completely fictional story, the concepts are fictional as well.

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