End of September 2022

This was a month of water & winds showing it’s powers in all directions. Water & winds everywhere as if they are angry. Even till the last days of September 2022.

Oh water

Be calm

We are your own

Let’s join hands & let’s not fight

For all is yours

For you are far more than us

Let us pray! That’s all that can be done in front of massive power of yours!

Here, are my updates, for September 2022, in case you missed out something interesting on my other webpage


General Topics

[1] UK new Government: Are your own ministers trustable | by Nidhika Yadav Writtings | Sep, 2022 | Medium


[2] Glaciers Melting, some insights, some containment’s, some reasons | by Nidhika Yadav Writtings | Sep, 2022 | Medium

[3] Case study of Britain. Tax Cuts. The Ecosystem of Economics of Tax! | by Nidhika Yadav Writtings | Sep, 2022 | Medium



[1] Book. Stories(Fiction), Global Issues, ArtsMy Fictional Book: The towers of Dream, Love filled Dreamy Galaxy, is ready for Pre-Orders (nidhikayadav.com)

[2] Stories(Fiction), Global Issues, ArtsHen who gave Diamond Eggs – The Diamond Hen #fiction #moral #story (nidhikayadav.com)

Technical Articles

[1] Sentiment Analysis, a Quick Review of Essentials

[2] Soft Rough Sets Application for Text Data Analytics & Language Processing

[3] Sentiments with Large Language Models as multi-class classifications problem

[4] Python Code for AI Exercise: Assigning Sentiment Assignments for unknown words with Large Language Models

Poems & Songs:

[1] Shaken By Your Love
Shaken By Your Love (denidhikayadav.com)

[2] I can wait forever (denidhikayadav.com)


[1] Cottage Cheese Lemon Marinated, Toast with Potatoes – Nidhika’s Recipe (nidhikasrecipes.com)

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