Hen who gave Diamond Eggs – The Diamond Hen #fiction #moral #story

#fiction #SciFic #Imagination

Note, all characters here are fictional & completely imaginary, they bear no resemblance to any one in real life here or in any other written texts. The short story with moral is based out in future 4015 AD year

         #fiction #imagination #

Long after in year 4015 AD, in a distinct part of the universe, lived a hen. She used to lay many rare species eggs. Sometimes her eggs hatched into ruby-looking hens, sometimes her diamond egg hatched to give birth to a beautiful sparkling soul that looked like a hen. Soon the hen started giving emerald eggs, turquoise, and pearl-looking eggs too. They all hatched to become the turquoise soul, pear-looking hen soul, and so on. These hens started growing as a colourful breed. But the owner of the poultry farm wanted diamonds only, as they are rarest and diamonds sells for more. And she was hardly giving diamond eggs anymore. She was stopped to give her true emotions. He called in her veterinary doctor. The vet said, she is not much happy but have to learn to live this way only. The vet was involved in selling her diamond eggs and keeping her in strict environments.

The owners and others used to be angry, happy, sad, these were natural emotions but she the Diamond Hen was stopped and commented upon when she emote any emotions. Her veterinary doctor too wanted it this way. She can’t even get angry when mild anger that came on to her. Are these not emotions of living beings? Can’t hen show her emotions, but the vetinary who looked at the hen, wanted her to not say anything else, do birds & animals not have rights to live as per their happiness ? Especially when they are gifted? Free life in 41st century for birds & animals? Can animals & birds, emote mild emotions of happiness and mild disgust?

Beautiful hen went to the kingdom, and there more diamond eggs were born, soon in the kingdom all coloured hens went, these were the best hens of the Kingdom. And they were allowed to emote their emotions, without thinking like machines, to show emotions or not show.

Moral of the Story: Let there be mild freedom in the expression of emotions, for animals & birds too, without threats. Even a small cat responds to a good emotions and bad ones. This Golden hen queen reacted nicely when she was in the place of her choice. So, it’s not just expression, it’s also about the freedom to be at the place of choice, and not to forcefully be send to a place.

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