Glaciers Melting, some insights, some containment’s, some reasons

Note: These are my own individual ideas, these need scientific community to understand the proposal. If the proposal is well accepted by global communities, then it must be simulated on computer to be applied. These are proposals, how the science proves it right is another thing. So simulate on model first if it works out well and good. Can glaciers break these things and how to find other solutions from this. How much of it can be put to implementation practically from all concerns can be answered by simulations.

Glacier are melting round the planet, not just North but also the South poles. Now, we all know the the reasons of this, global warming, pollution, heat waves, solar flares to mention some prominent ones. We have been watching these news for long. Now, we must understand something need to be done here. Here are some of my proposals, these are initial drafts, these need to be understood, then only when, where and what, can be answered.

The proposal says make a boundary region of glacier and make sure nothing much larger than, say a cubic inch pass through these grills. There are two options:

1. The grills need to surround the poles like a boundary, encompassing all major glaciers within it, with comfortable widths.

2. The grills surrounds each glacier alone, giving comfortable boundaries.

Why comfortable widths, given glaciers are melting. One glacier can force melting water to another glacier, creating a force that can push hard the other glacier. This push by water of melting glaciers can be huge, and can break the the iron grills put. So other techniques to hold back can be used.

Now, let us understand why we need to put iron grills or any other way to stop glaciers from going out of the safe distance from poles. First, understand the more near to poles you stay the more cold you feel. Is it right or not? Answer is yes, and the more distance you travel from the the glaciers the more you feel warm. Right? So as we move away from glaciers, we start to feel colder to cold to warm, where as on the key points we feel coldest.

The same is true for a glacier which is breaking, as the glacier breaks or separates, it starts flowing in water, due to thrust or push and pull. The glaciers are breaking because of warmth. Question is can we stop the broken glacier? In this case if we stop the broken glacier within say few kilometers from where it came breaking, we can stop many big problems! How as told to you, the far you go from a pole or glaciers the more warm and hot you start to feel. So, can we contain the broken glaciers, ice and snow from traveling in water.

As these broken glaciers travel out of radius the glaciers would receive more heat, means they would start to melt soon. This melting can hamper water levels and even cause temperatures rise. Why temperatures rise? As see x+y+z kg of ice was in a region, y, z drifted away, what remain is x, the temperatures iof the region was dominated by x+y+z kg of ice earlier but now it is dominated by x kg ice alone.

Now why we need grilled ice, so that a high pressure of water which may be melting can’t take away the dam like structure, other than that one can see through the gates with iron drilling, a gate which can be opened to allow extra load of water needs to be put. But note the grilled gates can get blocked by pollution agents in water, though least as near glaciers pollution is least.

These can be put it areas but with well done simulations. In conclusion, aim is to hold broken ice and snow in glaciers to same area, so that warmth cap of high temperatures does not fall on broken glacier. This can save it from melting faster, save temperatures there to same levels, cascading into lessor melting of snow.

So find a way for glacier to be at same place even if broken.

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