UK new Government: Are your own ministers trustable

Summary: Rishi Sunak was one of the first man who resigned, saying and demanding Borris to resign, they had put in lot of pressure on PM, given Borris trusted him a lot. These leaders were selected & elected by Borris only, when opportunity came instead of standing with him, and guiding him what to do, Rishi Sunak & health secretary resigned and called out on Borris only. This was followed by the fact that starting his own missions, to be a leader. The current elections are about choosing the best one from a team, who hates Borris. It is not recommended to vote these, rest your vote counts, donot underestimate the value of your one vote.

Lesson to learn from UK, when own party members fight for power against you

When the government was going fine, he appoligised for a wrongly chosen candidate, two of the ministers he appointed and cheerished, resigned, exaggerating, “Enough is Enough”. The two ministers he had appointed, he choose the two ministers; they said this, and in anger. Well, he nourished you. The names of ministers are – Chancellor Rishi Sunak and other names in references. Were they motivating others in party to resign ? Was Borris Party had to fall apart, with the acts of two of his ministers boosting others who dont like him ? Then its time to rebuild party from base.

And see the opportunistic nature, they are themselves fighting for power of country now. You were chosen by Borris, when Borris resigned his top ministers took the tourche and start the power games? I think Britain can have better leaders, not those who laugh on fall of another. That is what they are doing laughing, on fall of Borris. 

Regarding the to be ex-PM of Britain

If you appoint someone who has not worked properly, it is not your mistake. One should be bold, and not work under external pressure created on you. This was a clear external pressure created on him.  If the person have told you, and he forgot. At times one forgets especially if heard of the thing in passe.

The two ministers resigned in quickly, this seem like creating a pressure on Borris. The ministers who resigned said “They no longer trust Borris”. The other one said – “Enough is Enough” . Well well, everyone was in tough times, he is human too, he paid in the fines, what was your ambition ? To take ambitious people away from your eyes.

He is always a people person, he is down to earth and always face any tough facts. First PM to be served penalty, well, not long in history ever Humans had corona had been on Earth. It was for sure not in past 40 years that a pandemic hit Earth and stopped everything and made curfews and restrictions. As was you all, so was he, in a decision to be made daily, to meet people and to be working with people. If you remember, Borris was one of the first men to have contracted Corona Virus in UK. Parties were arranged by his staff and ministers. The same people.

Briefed in person, who all have such high memories, given they are working so many hours? He was accused of making wrong appointments and people started resigning, if that be said now you know, that even in your own political party all people are with you. All people in your own party started resigning, they are not yours. The solution was to call in complete elections and not to call his own party members to elect. The current elections are about choosing the best one from a team, who hates Borris. Other may be better and your vote counts, donot underestimate the value of your one vote.

The picture is taken from youtube link [Hasta La Vista, Baby: The Rise and Fall of Boris Johnson – BBC News – YouTube] []



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