Here in this article I cover UFO, truth or fiction as two sides of some coin called UFO. Some points are mentioned here in this article and I shall come back on this analysis again, in continuation with these points.

It’s everywhere seen, why this article calls it fiction? The reason is the very question of it being on Earth is quite suspicious. Its time to ask each other are these Alien Flights or a Arial Vehicle which is on spying missions?

This fact versus fiction dilemma starts from first incidence of observing UFOs. In those days airspace was not as impactful to perform such sophisticated techniques as depicted in most UFO videos or images.

One must note that UFO looks like spiral air vehicle with engine. One must note that any air object with air engine running the air object need the following:

1) The air carrier needs fuels proportional to size of object carried by the air engine

2) The air carrier also need fuel propotional to what we call Alians in the engine, as these need to be carried too apart form the air carrier

3) There must be space enough to put on fuel in air object, more the height air vehicle travels at, more the distance covered, means more the tanker size of putting in fuel

4) There is no mention of wings, as every aerial vehicle on Earth have wings or alike.

5) Prior experiments in making such a disk fly in air failed as per information on internet

6) This is not possible by current aerial vehicles, so do they use other energy to fly high in air? Other energy can be, wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy or water energy. If so how, it is used is another question.

7) Where do they go? Do they enter some invisible space when encountered? Is there an invisible space on Earth? Something like a Complex Space they enter. Note square root of -1 is an imaginary number in mathematics.

8) How do they enter Earth if they are alians driving UFOs? 

9)Are they part of bigger Time Machine Fiction that rules some parts such as Bermuda Triangle or a cave in Afganistan that is called time energy related [In this cave some western troops on duty were send and they never came back]

10) If air vehicle don’t have fuel, is it gravity defying? Can they, Aliens, defy gravity, as well ? Or is it just the vehicle that defy gravity? In case there is no fuel used. This seem unlikely given the Science of Earth.

11) What fuel engines emit as waste gas, as carbon dioxide is emitted out of air vehicles called airplanes on Earth.

12) Or still we believe it is work of spying, if so spying by nations on Earth or by Aliens?

13) Why nobody sees them entering Earth from satellites from ground in NASA ?

14) Have they put their satellite too in the mesh of Earths satellites?

15) Why no one in International Space Station watch them coming from universe to Earth?

16) Where is the hub, can we test satellites Mesh in Space Station to clean debris? Are Aliens disks hiding there?

17) Are they of same size as our air vehicles?

This adds to building associations to build up trust among nations to understand they are not spying with these vehicles. Rather these are extra territorial beings or objects. Can we say with certainty now, that these are extra territorial objects. What are their aims?

To be continued…..

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