Working on Moon & Mars while sitting at home on Earth

Note: The article lays basic idea of technology and mode of employments. This in no way relates to investment options. We here are not providing investment advertising. These are purely mere ideas, these don’t represent any policy of implementing it by any government. Please don’t associate investment with these ideas here. We don’t represent any private or public entity.

AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (VR-AR) on Moon & Mars

Everyone is talking on of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. But how to earn a living in virtual worlds? The latest one I heard was virtual office meeting with virtual worlds avatars on meeting room in office. But all those can be taken care by Internet based calls. Still these can be a part of pseudo development for a real world and can be used.

Though people can gain money by even playing games, imagine earning while working on Mars & Moon by sitting at home on Earth! Soon this may be the future.

So tell your robot to hold on your toolbox lying in your room on Mars or Moon, and start to collect all rocks. In AR/VR it’s called avatar, while it would be a real robot you would guide. Let you hold on the robots, that would be your avatar on Mars & Moon using these virtual reality techniques. And get inside a shelter you made for your avatar, a robot.

Aim is to develop Mars/Moon till newer technologies are made for humans to go and live there. Till then ways needed to built infrastructure to keep the positive side up. To keep up with motive that life will exist on Mars/Moon. Given it takes time to develop and sustain life.

Hundreds of human avatars in form of robots can work on Moon, each operated by the human owner. And money can be paid to humans who would guide robots via AR/VR, as robots may not be aware of all actions that need to be performed. Robotics is still not fully Intelligent, still there are gaps, humans can work virtually on moon till then it can be done via robots. Hence, real time, assistance would be required by the robots, till they can subsequently learn all naive & complex tasks needed on Mars/Moon.

We don’t know if life can exist on Mars/Moon, country wise allotments can help these operations. Furthermore, the salary and robot charges can be given nation wise only. These are just suggestions. As we think one need to spend money on the developments in these fields.

Yes, though it can be interesting that trained engineers would guide robots on these Moon/Mars worlds with AR and VR, sitting in office or home.

One more reason, is lack of many essential metals and elements. Some people can join work from Earth, to help in mining at right places on out of Earth planet as well. Provided they have these things, else these can be a centre for intermediate halt to go beyond Mars to other planets.

All these things are huge budget goals. One can study these virtually before actually implementing it. There can be AR and VR based video games that can help in simulation of what this employment would look like.

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