Two angels flying past sky

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It was Sunday I again started with Color’s and made yet another flying sprits. Why do flying sprits take attention in arts ? Let’s answer these questions.

Angels, fairies and flying humans are part of mankind’s history. But how much is this true?

  • How much and what is truth about the flying humans?
  • Who can answer this questions?
  • There are several paintings that are very old depict human like personalities with wings.
  • There are sculptures showing the wings on human
  • Even on horses
  • Statues show both men and women with wings and these are very old pieces of work
  • Any imagination in man’s mind is made from a belief or existential question as per some texts
  • Any thought in man’s mind is made from energies of this place only, as per some readings
  • So, what’s the truth of flying humans, flying man and flying woman with wings
  • Was there another kind of humans on Earth, who used to have wings and used to fly? If so how did they became lost in these modern days?
  • Or these are sculptures and paintings of souls or spirits which are in the corresponding human bodies.
  • Seeing these facts, to me it concludes that these are wings if sprits. Rest only more facts can explain. Sprits, soul and body are three different things.
  • More facts such as DNA remains of some flying human or flying animal and from that whole story of truth can be jolted out.
  • They gather attention because they are related to angels, too, who are suppose to heal all problems.
  • They also are related to fairies who give the blessings of what one wants.

These are some points. And this attracts us to drawing feathered beings. I am particularly very much fascinated by winged beings be it bird or otherwise. So I landed up making another sketch with wings, though this was a quick one, given I had just little time today, still I pursued my interest as much as I could in given time. You can see this on my collection.

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