Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Education is opening its avenues and wings of AI are flying high over the entire education sector from primary to high schools, graduate and more levels. Right now, even ICT based education is not fully used to grassroot levels, yet its significance can’t be ruled out. However, Internet and communication technologies are not enough and AI is always at help. Some ideas are discussed in this article, these are in no way a complete set of possibilities, the applications are much more than this.

Education in future shall never be same as education now. The new generations of children are exposed to so much knowledge, so many things, news and products are introduced to children these days, not just college student but also school children apprehend lot of new knowledge, not just about current affairs of what is going on, but of, sports, media, tech, motor cars, medicine, space, astronomy, crops, water, fossils, and more.

So, “how AI can effect education?”, “how AI can impact education?” and “how AI can help education sector?” these are some of the three questions which need to be understood to see the change that is taking place and the answers understood.

Let’s start with, “How AI can effect education?” AI can affect education in a huge way. Given AI is all around, this would directly affect education, as the curriculum need to be made more robust, to compete with growing changes in world as per the department of education.  The effect can be change in classroom, lecture halls to even sports facilities where in classrooms will become smart class rooms to add real learning based for all kind of things, lecture halls to involve automatic voice control, keeping quite instruction to children and students making noise and sports facility to have smart fields, that automatically calls in new student groups for next planned match with image processing kits to inform winning and mark in attendance for next participants. This includes in the class assessments, verbal and written with AI.

“How AI can impact education?” The impact is immense. AI can impact educations in broader ways, some of these are mentioned as follows: Bot based teaching assistants: Monotonous subjects that involve no change of syllabus can be made to be taught by bots and robots’ group. This can be understood as robot being a head educator(s) and these bots work with it(them), this makes teaching more fun for children and this lead to grasping concepts more thoroughly. Bot based lab assistants: Given many subjects needs lab works now a days, as the AI have impacted economics to political science to even Mathematics. This means labs need to be there, preparing bots and robots team to teach in labs would be a nice things. These acts of teaching and educating can involve natural language processing to even image processing and voice modulations. Other things involve, not just the way notes are added in notebook with student to now on tablets, how examinations are held, and how assessments are done with teachers, to evaluation on projects, and so on.

“How AI can help education sector?” AI can help education sector just the way ICT is helping education sector. This can be possible by providing AI based toolkits to education sector for better evaluations, handling of academic and non-academic subjects, providing subsidiary help applications on smart phones, smart tablets for children and teachers likewise, assigning bot based teaching for remote places where there is scarcity of teachers. Other help in teacher-student communications to look like a one-to-one relations while it is one to many relation. These are some of the helps, from AI to education sector, adding these toolkits to the teacher application kits can help plan many education classes, labs, practical and even trips look like very friendly rather than as monotonous teachings.

These are just some of the many applications, other avenues shall be talked of sooner.

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