My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)

Here is a greeting warm and gentle

I can read your moves

I am expressing my love

For you

Oh my adorable lover

You are my lovely love


And how much I love

Want to be with you near my man

My lovely man

Who is so handsome in looks


Who is so beautiful in thoughts

Oh my sweet sweetheart

You are my amazing love

But an amazing lovely love


One day with you shall be a gift from God

And one night with you shall be a blessing from the skies..

My love

Oh my lovely love

From lovely love story this song belongs to


You are kind in heart

You are flawless in deeds

My man, he is

My beautiful lovely love

My love


My love is one

And he stands there to hold my hands

My man, he is

My lovely love

My amazing love

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