The Making and Daily Baking Charges, The Climate Sensitivity Index is Guide to Future

The aim of this article is to elaborate that climate change is not just in hands of some, but in careful analysis of many. One must be aware of the climate sensitivity index of each one of us. How much climate weight do we carry today, weekly and how much is our climate sensitivity index monthly? Hence The Climate Sensitivity Index should be made for all people, all end users, to be aware of their role in these climatic problems. The making charge is a one-time production charge and baking charges are repetitive use costs to the environment, in terms of pollution. Analysis of the climate sensitivity index and data analytics applied on it can lead to many good insights to guide us in the future.

Understand units of a product you use, say, an accessory, bike/car, and calculate how much energy goes into the bike/car rides. Not just a one-time battery or fuel recharge, per week indeed. How much amount of pollution it made to create these units of sophisticated gears, add it all. Then compute these for all products, this will tell you how much it cost Earth. This is the Making and Baking charges for products you use, from these we compute the sensitivity index of the person using these products.

Even developing nations buy sophisticated products, which adds to pollution and greenhouse gasses. This is just an illustration to tell, we are all responsible for the current climate conditions, not just the top companies who at times outsource their production units. In the end, people created the demand that made them make these things. WHY have people made this demand for gadgets, vehicles, or devices which consume energy and are pollution-making? Getting angry is easy, can you give up these things now, which in production cost so much? The demands were created by various spectra of population spectrum.

Did you just check how much of climate-sensitive things you are wearing. See in mirror for few minutes, see your accessories, footwear, hairs and then dress in this order. In accessories, you carry phone in hands, and what apart from phone, see the earrings to even belt. Are these made from a source which overlaps with Earth’s needs, or creates byproducts in making. The products used by people, should not just have lower energy but lower byproducts as well and how these are obtained and send to end user is another aspect. Note pollution too creates methane and has greenhouse effects apart from mixing in soil and ecosystem.

Same for other accessories to even the footwear. An example is using fresh flowers rather than branded earing in fashion accessories or earing. It’s not just the responsibility of developed countries it is every person’s effort to reduce climate impact form their lives and hence from Earth. If one is speaking for climate change, one should absorb in self, not to use plastic and other climate sensitive things. More things should be recycled, and many things should be exchanged, those that involve semiconductor and usable. The manufacturer selling products should provide provision to buy back the instruments, synthetic clothes and other non renewals, back as their responsibility.

It’s not just producer, who often outsource to other places to produce goods, it’s not just them but everyone who uses this should be convinced. Hence, even the place where the work is outsourced, it produced jobs for people of place, and livelihoods for so many people. They also benefitted by making the products for the brand name. These costs need to be added in the climate sensitivity index, this makes youth self-aware and young adults vigilant in their choices. Analysis of the climate sensitivity index and data analytics on it can lead to many good insights to guide us in the future. This can guide in future directions when AI is used on top of it.

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