Love is one… Love is same… Ppl are different… Calling is same… It is the god calling… Love feels the same.. Languaguages are different Feelings are same…. We are two halves that make it complete…. For it takes two charges to put on the fire To put on the light…. We r complete together… LoveContinue reading “LOVE HAS ONE LANGUAGE”

To whom I love more than myself

There is not one yet, To whom I love more than myself Call it self love Or self fascination Or any bad thing  you like For the man I loved deceived me You are the one I to whom I loved more than myself ! My crime I was humble and  loving to you LookContinue reading “To whom I love more than myself”

If I am heart you will be my beats

If I am heart You were my beats Nomore, though Not any more For this heart Can work without you now If I am her You were my he Not anymore I need any he For you were my breaths And I have learned to live without breathing If I am a flower You wereContinue reading “If I am heart you will be my beats”

Call me through Stars & Moons

Here is the song in my voice on youtube: Here is the song in my voice on my google drive: Call Me.. Call mee..Caalll me baby Through the echoing voice Through the woods and roads Call Me Through the bubbles in water Call me Call me baby call me I am waiting, call meContinue reading “Call me through Stars & Moons”