Sketch and Paints. #Fiction. Spirits of Anthamba clouds and Golden Moon

#FictionalUniverse #Scifi #fiction #imagination #spirits The painting is about imaginary life form far off in Anthamba in Universe, where in fictional and imaginary spiritual life forms were there. In case you want to buy this painting by me, kindly refer to link: Note: This is an imaginary story, bearing no association to real life.Continue reading “Sketch and Paints. #Fiction. Spirits of Anthamba clouds and Golden Moon”

Greeny Yellowey Worlds – Sketches

Here is butterfly and the flowers of this land Here is Miss Greeny-Yellowy And meet Mr Greeny Yellowy Colored Princess: And their Birth on Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows – Kindle edition by Yadav, Nidhika. Children Kindle eBooks @ The Grand Park of Living-Stars: The tribe of Jnithstrnd: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798538065592: Books 1stContinue reading “Greeny Yellowey Worlds – Sketches”