Two angels flying past sky

#fiction #imagination It was Sunday I again started with Color’s and made yet another flying sprits. Why do flying sprits take attention in arts ? Let’s answer these questions. Angels, fairies and flying humans are part of mankind’s history. But how much is this true? These are some points. And this attracts us to drawingContinue reading “Two angels flying past sky”

The 11th Parallel Solar System #fiction

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it. #fiction #science_fiction The 11th parallel solar system, where there are yet again theseContinue reading “The 11th Parallel Solar System #fiction”

Imagination is A Broad Art: Why is it needed and so much valued ?

Painting, music, dance are popular arts, which needs imagination to be fostered to best. And if you look more deeply the best thing we enjoy many times are stories, movies and serials. These all are creation of someone’s imaginations and theatre is a well developed art practice too. If you don’t imagine, then you cantContinue reading “Imagination is A Broad Art: Why is it needed and so much valued ?”

Loving you In Imagination to Reality

Loving you In Imagination to Reality You are not near And my love won’t stop by stopping I love you in my imaginations Which is a mystery space, a mystic place Ever since all my beginnings On all forms of the warmth– I love you in this beautiful world of my imagination You are notContinue reading “Loving you In Imagination to Reality”