The 11th Parallel Solar System #fiction

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it.

#fiction #science_fiction

The 11th parallel solar system, where there are yet again these planets rotating around the sun, similar sun, same age and same capacity. Just everything is little smaller. These are lands of Catty and Mousy. Catty and Mousy relation is very much like the famous characters on TV on Earth. And they are both happily married. And its land of Catty and Mouse. Catty is the Queen of this land and Mousy is the King. This planet was called CattyMousyARTH.

In the 8th book of fictional characters and fictional universes, Catty and Mousy planet was indeed thrilled and filled with lot of excitements. Catty is sharp like her image of Earth and Moussy is a fast.

The 11th parallel solar system, everything in exterior is same but in the interior are Catty and Mousy. The lands of lot of them are like this. There are 20 parallel solar system in this fictional part of universe. These solar systems behave like the solar system of Earth, though millions of light years away.

These are beautiful lands but the houses are smaller, even the mountains much smaller. Every one looks like walking cats, just like Catty and Mousy.

The pollution have reached there as well. This is Catty and Moussy planet where the fuel and energy are rising in prize too. And to your surprize just like Earth, the Catty and Moussy planet too have pollution and green house, methane effects showing in there.

There was one solar system of bunnies, one solar system for teddy bears, one solar system for cats and so on……….They all installed solar energy for resource of working. Further, every other systems was in need of start of a massive energy healings, given all the systems have run hard to modernizations to this level

In the end, we came to know all the 20 parallel solar systems had this problem of pollution on their third planet called Earth.

They communicated but still any effect on Earth makes an impact on all the parallel solar system and even on the Catty and Mousy solar system, CattyMousyARTH

All the fictional solar systems are related to each other in the in fictional spiritual presence of those creatures which are omnipresent in sprits, often called holograms in some texts, here in this story.

Finally, they called all the powers in all the solar systems for peace, harmony and many other things for balance of energies. These are called energy healings in their lands. With energy healing lot of bad efforts on their lands were healed and dealt with. All planets installed solar panels and life was much better with that.

Effect of pollutions and green house effect of gasses having impact in fictional planets such as CattyMousyARTH, far away in universe are all healed and sorted by now.

Note 2: Some of these images in this article, these were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product.

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