Climate Change and Efforts! Prehistoric Times to Modern Days

With deep regrets to all loses, personal or professional, I write this article, for betterment of planet, so that no more, we have to face looses, in any form of life. Please accept my deepest condolences for the losses.

There was this place, in Universe. Everything was in abundance, there was greenery, animals, birds and humans, all in healthy and wealthy. Then came in greed of human. All this as she tasted the forbidden apple (to be taken in lighter note). Everything was there, but man learned to make bricks, so instead of mud houses were built on bricks, man learned to use coal so instead of residues to burn and provide heat to cook the food, coal was used.

From raw food, man progressed into having processed foods, requiring more things to support all this. Animals and plants didn’t do this. Humans did this, then they wanted to befriend other cultures. Then humans wanted to show to other cultures their best foods, cultures and what not. All this mean more of processed foods, more of refined skills and developments of vehicles in air, water, sea and lands. There was always progress, progress and progress.

Now in 2022, when younger generations see pollutions and climatic uncertainties, they blame the leaders. This is not one person work. Thsi is not a one day work. This is not 10 years work. Though every effort to reduce pollution and climate can help the future. They too want a safe future for you the younger generations.

But know everything is possible, if you believe in it. Hence know it would be done, with better ways to replace energy by better green energy stuffs. More environment friendly techniques can cure all this. Solar, wind and ocean energies have started to be harvested. Come and contribute, and increase the awareness in people why this problem was faced by people of Earth and how the environment leaders are solving these problems.

Climate change adversities was indeed created by demands of hundreds of people over decades in years. It was never for one person that refrigerator was invented. But then globalization was not at peak. Not only, was all the current pollution, green house gases and climate change, foundation stone laid back then when all this started, but it was predicted for sure by scientists back then. The reason for this is humans could predict then also. Just scientist making first cargo ship, never wrote it, or we dont have their writings.

Now today, we cant close all cars, refrigerators, AC, heaters, trains and planes. Can we ? Tell me?

So how can you blame the newly elected environment leaders who have come here to look at how to lower the pollution and how to reduce climate change calamities keeping in view the harm that was already caused.

It was peoples demands, for more costly cars, much competitive prize of children toys, AC to give cold air … These are just examples of some concerns.

It’s not that leaders can’t do it, they can do it, but it is not a one day work. The inscription in hard stone was written with industrial revolution. The amount of coal that trains used to run on was enormous. People pointed it out then as well, but it was allowed. The ships used to work with coal burning as well, ARE YOU READY TO STOP USING SHIPS? Same way can you stop planes and cars ? No — — So let scientist today motivated by leaders find a solution that brings the best in two worlds to your doorsteps.

All these developments were made in years, decades have passed in its accomplishment. People are serious, but have faith it would be achieved all you need is log book to know, how serious people are to solve these issues and how much people want to do to save Earth to pre historic times.

This problem was not made in one day time, so how can it end in few years. The cost of development verses the climate change, needs to be dealt with cautiously.

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