Women’s Fashion should only grow not diminish- Short Story-Miss Waisty

They say stop using cosmetics– no more flashy colors. I believe Women, fashion and colors have friendship of centuries. Trying beauty enhancements with natural products, natural aromas is as old as history itself..correct me if I am wrong. Don’t separate women from fashion, brightness, colors of types, just because some don’t like glary colors andContinue reading “Women’s Fashion should only grow not diminish- Short Story-Miss Waisty”

Greeny Yellowey Worlds – Sketches

Here is butterfly and the flowers of this land Here is Miss Greeny-Yellowy And meet Mr Greeny Yellowy Colored Princess: And their Birth on Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows – Kindle edition by Yadav, Nidhika. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. The Grand Park of Living-Stars: The tribe of Jnithstrnd: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798538065592: Amazon.com: Books 1stContinue reading “Greeny Yellowey Worlds – Sketches”

Sketch I: Theme – Two Women In One Body

This is a sketch of shades they both are sparking into. Two women in one body they are. As can be seen their body are visible in their faces. Both have a different figures, see if you can point it, different eyebrows and even different eye colors. More on this I shall upload in comingContinue reading “Sketch I: Theme – Two Women In One Body”