The Tree Women, Arts, Paints

Note: The facts, arts, depiction here are all imaginative. The names and association of topic to trees is imaginary and is for purpose of art only. All concepts here are fictitious and bear no relation and resemblance to real life science and phenomenons.

This is the green tree Angel, she lives in trees, her name is Miss Tree Pyi? This paint shows shades of brightness in tree brought by the Tree Angel as she moves past the tree, she brings in vigour.

Next, a distinct tree, this tree takes shape of feminine curves, hence called here as a feminine tree, in deep sunlight. This paint shows feminine tree touching skies. And the leaves of tree shining yellow and light green in high sunlight.

Next is a Modern art, is a vivid Tree Woman, the colors show the energy level around the tree , in bark and on leaves of tree.

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In particular, the links to buy these arts in this blog are following.

This is the green tree angle, Miss Tree

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The feminine tree touching skies

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This is a vivid Tree Woman

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