Conference on Climate, COP27 2022

Most of it starts with climate.

There is nothing without climate.

Hence one must take climate and environment into any decision making.

What we are experiencing and what we are, as people of Earth, today is at some significant percentage related to climate change handling, and environmental factors. If we remind ourselves there have been immensely destructive storms, head touching rain water, droughts, earthquakes, cloud bursts, heavy snowfalls, glacier melting, to mention some. It all starts with the environment and climate change. Where shall one take other planning too when climate atrocities are not taken into account at.

Better profits, happy and healthy citizens, then one must thank Earth, for a chance to have a nice climate in the regions. If climate was good there would had been some profits, if it was bad there were losses. Praying for the families effected by climate change, we wish Earth better times. Climate hits everywhere, it’s how one come out. One must learn from each other resilience.

Economics, business, work and life they all are dependent on climatic and environmental balance. It all should start with climate, as it was in era of pre-industrial revolutions, where prayers were made before cultivating lands and aim was to worship and ask for better yield in fields to fill well their stomachs as well as to sell the crops for money to buy clothes and other necessities, directly or through Barter System. Better yield was the a purpose of worship. I am not asking to worship, but to work, in the benefit of people, common goals not just for better yields in farms but for better lives.

The foremost frontier of major organisations and governments should now is climate change initiatives. It’s no more a blame game, that you have made climate worse or they have made climate worse. It’s about accepting the truth and acting on its behalf to solve global climate aims. Climate change is here, full stop. Now decide what measures to be done. There is no point in crying over spilled milk. Let’s determine the actions now. Everyone use modern 21st century car, use plastic water bottles, plastic cases, plastic decor, wooden couch, these all coated climate. This is a sample, the list is big.

It’s no more nationwide that we need to deal with it, it is contributing determined aims, in how so ever small efforts. Even if all nations, organisations and communities, may be involved with climate change and environmental initiatives, one must sync with the global aims taken in bigger interest on Earth. Global aims means predetermine constants and its meanings, for instance the amount of methane used, and its predetermined value, to be used globally and providing these statistics on a open book to those who can’t volunteer or are shy to participate.

What is level of success and how much further we need to go. This all depends on how serious we are about having climatically balanced Earth. Climatic balance can be defined as a phrase, where in we are able to have more balanced natural phenomena and lesser of extremes.

We must thank the international successes to good climatic conditions in better days and for worse, let us work as individual nations contributing in goodwill to add to national checkpoints that need to be taken. Best wishes for a successful COP27, 2022, in Egypt.

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