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It’s sad to hear that each year so many whales loose lives by landing up on busy or isolated islands and entering lands. Here are some questions and answers that we seek with help of these questions.

This article is about how whale’s doctors can help in these lost big fishes!

Do whales need doctors?

If so, what kind of treatment whales & sharks respond to?

Alas, do they need out of water treatments? I doubt to say yes in this! Do water treatments succeed ? Where are the statistics.

What would whale respond more to?

Out of water treatment ? Or inside water treatment? Perhaps deep-down treatment when the atmospheric pressure is best suited to whale and likes ?

Out of water treatment? How will they breathe for long out of water. How long can these big fishes breathe outside water, one needs to take into account this fact.

Or inside water treatment?

Or they would love more deep down the water treatment? Near the ocean bed ?

Can this save lives of sharks and whales who lost their paths and landed up on sand by mistakes on isolated islands where humans can’t find them, to treat them?

Only whales’ doctors can lay guidelines of treatment of such whales and sharks, and lets hope whales doctors help laying guidelines in keeping whales safer.

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