Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies

We have the best architects, the best design and the magnificent outputs of the tremendously tedious work architects do. The beautiful, building, the best interior and exterior designs. Here in this article I lay emphasis on “Aqua Architecture” or “Water Architecture”. Several large scale aquariums have been build in various parts of world that displays the competence of the makers. But why not make it a common thing in reach of common people. Not just super large aquariums, but “Artificial Water Bodies”, these can be artificial ponds, ,artificial lakes, artificial water, artificial backwaters near banks of rivers and seas, small bodies of water, small pools along side cafe’s in open lands near highway for tea breaks. All this while keeping and maintaining “Natural Water Bodies” intact, more cleaner, much more natural, and beautiful and as robust as it were before pollution met them.

These water bodies need to have life forms, in form of aquatic animals and plants bit on surface and below the surface to add to life to water and beauty to onlookers. Just imagine a beautifully crafted backwater near a river basin where in land and plants engulf water–and it looks so natural at times.

Now imagine a deep pond near a highway having tea stalls along with refreshments, where the pond is covered with water flowers such as lotus and various beautiful water plants, and option to look deep in through scuba specs, to see the fresh water fishes and greenery inside! And what would add to fun, if they can allow fishing too in it, oh yes with a condition you will drop back or replace the fish !

So much beauty can be added by our manpower of excellent architects. Well you will say as per some sources – “water is finishing fast on planet” and how to do all this is scorching heat ! Well as per some sources — water levels are rising near sea– and I described the full technique to make salty fresh sea water accessible for use-to start with near coast lines and later for interiors. You can go through those articles.

Add more beauty to planet. Contribute. Well purity and freshness of water is another thing as stagnant water needs treatments, so why to keep it stagnant. And given the era we are living in, this should not be a tough question and answers can be found with advancements in ecology, marine sciences and so many other scientists and conservationists.

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