Breakfast- Nutritious Dehusked Mung Beans With Potatoes- Proteins with Carbohydrates

A little different breakfast ! This is tasty, spicy way to eat mung pulse with potatoes…try it. And you know I like fast cooking on weekdays, while illustrative cooking’s on weekends. This is a weekday dish, for first time you can try on a weekend too. It can be taken with bread, or like this as well! That too anytime !

Step 1. Take the dehusked pulses (1 bowl). I took yellow and orange.

Step 2. Wash them in water throughly.

Step 3. Heat some oil in frying pan. Don’t over heat oil! Take as per taste–I took 2 table spoon of oil.

Step 4. Chop onions and put in pan and fry till color becomes milder.

Step 5. Add ginger, garlic paste, black pepper powder (1/2 spoon), salt (as per taste) cinnamon powder (1/4th spoon), black cardamom (2 minced), curry powder, coriander seed powder (1 spoon). Put some green chili for added flavor. All these are for taste and all are not mandatory, you can try various combination of flavors.

Step 6. Add water to it in pan [3 bowl]. Close the lid and heat it for 15 minutes in pan. Make sure water doesn’t not dry before the softness you seek in dish is reached, it can burn the dish.

Step 7. Mince a large potatoe side by side.

Step 8. On another pan, put some oil and fry the minced potatoe till the taste you want. Make sure to have enough oil on pan, else potatoe will stick to it. If you want to just add carbohydrates to the dish and don’t need crispy taste. Add minced potatoe to the pan which is heating the moong pulse.

Step 9. Mix minced potatoe to first pan.

Step 10. Open the lid and taste the dish, it should not be very hard.

Step 11. Dry excess water by stirring on high flame.

Step 12. Dish is ready. Serve hot. It can be taken with bread, or like this as well! That too anytime !

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