Split chickpeas Snacks

Here are great snacks for any occasion and full of proteins and nutrition. Have a look at what I am telling you the recipe of:

  1. Take oil as per taste in frying pan. Heat it till you can see mild heat waves.

2. Add Asafoetida (a small pinch), minced Ginger and Garlic in it.

3. Immediately add chopped onions in it-2 onions

4. Let the onions change the color slightly as here:

5. Add 2 finely cut tomato in the frying pan. And mix it. Add turmeric, salt, spices, chilli as per taste.

6. Immediately add to it properly washed 1 bowl of split chickpeas.

7. Put more water in pan and heat it, till the softness you need in snacks is reached. Keep drying the water by heating it. I personally like not very soft but just enough to eat like soft nutty snacks! Check your likings. Here are the pics of transformation of this mixture to yummy snack!

And here our snacks are ready to eat

i. Do add coriander leaves for more flavour

ii.Add raw finely cut onions decorated in plate as below, it adds much more flavor. For best taste. Dip the chopped onions in water for 10 -15 minutes to take away pungent taste of onions. And the snacks will taste as fresh as anything

iii. Check if you like putting fresh lemon in it—-I like it with all these additions!

Enjoy the feast in snacks time. Here, is how it looked after cooking was over!

Published by Nidhika

I have an eager research-based approach to solve problems in the various areas using my expertise. I find solutions based on my experience, research skills, strong knowledge Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few! And most important on my website you can find my views, ideas, my poems, stories, novels, my comments, my proposals, my blogs, my interests, my personal experiences and short occasional glimpses of my research work as well.

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