Fast Simple Tasty Way To eat Brinjal

This is how it looks, easy to cook, nutritious Brinjals! With any breads!

  1. Take brinjal-I took one big brinjal, you can use smaller ones too. As per need, availability and quantity to make.
  2. Heat some oil in a pressure cooker.
  3. Put chopped onions in it–1 onion
  4. Let it change its color slightly.

5. Put grinded/chopped tomato in pressure cooker.

6. Put spices, salt, chili as per tastes.

7. Cut big pieces of brinjal(s) and put in pressure cooker and add one small glass of water in it too, for easy cooking.

8. Close the cooker.

9. Ones 2-3 whistles of cooker are made, close the lid of gas

10. Take out the steam from the cooker with help of spoon opening the whistle knob of cooker.

11. Heat the cooker to dry the ingeditents in cooker.

12. Once partially dry, as per requirements again close gas.

Serve it hot with any bread!

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