10 minutes – Potatoes-Split Chickpeas MashUp Salad (oil free)

Ingredients: 4 potatoes, half bowl split chickpeas, red chilli, black pepper, salt. 


No oil needed. Pulses are good for health, split chick peas not only add taste to this mashup potato salad, but also are high on proteins and very good for health. 

So this is a tasty nutritious thing.

Step 1. Take 4 potatoes. Wash them.

Step 2. Peel the potatoes.

Step 3. Take split chickpeas, half bowl, was them well to remove all dirt.

Step 4. Cut the potatoes in very small, parts.

Step 5. Put the split chick peas and potatoes in pan with 2 bowl of water. Make sure all is dipped well in water. Extra water can be dried by heating in the end.

Step 6. Let it heat for 8 minutes or till the crispness and softness needed in the salad are reached.

Step 7. Put cut red chilli, salt and black pepper as per taste. Add and taste, to see right values, in case you are new to cooking.

Step 8. Dry extra water, by heating. Dry it well. It’s spicy, hot and super tasty to eat. Here it is served hot.

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