My Song, I open my wings to be in his arms – My Song from my book, The Grand Park of Living Stars

Here is the song Myra of The Grand Park of Living Stars sang for her beloved man.

Here is short audio introduction:

I open my wings more

To embrace him in my arms

Arms wide open for his love

They, my wings seek

His love

As do I

I fly higher to watch him

When I can’t be with him

I fly to be with his image

Made up in mirrors

Behind the skies

Which sees it all

Which hears it all

I fly higher

In his love

I fly in his adoration

I fly to worship him

I fly to spread the glory of our love

To distant places

I fly for him

I fly higher in his love

More today than yesterday

I shall fly higher in his love

The second later

I keep flying in his love to distant places

To tell the tales of our love

I fly more in his idolization

To here and there

To everywhere I can

I fly greater to worship him

I fly greater to love him

While my wings open to love him

And they flutter in the warmth of his love

They waver when blushing in romance And they hesitate to move when he kisses me

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