Nobody knew Climate Change would hit that fast. But what now? Support Systems?

Everything was continuing at a high pace, developments, jobs, progress, missions, agriculture, inventions, relationships, and above all everyone’s dreams. But then all of a sudden it started hitting us just in the past few years- it the climate calamities. This year was a peak of what we have seen in the past few years. So much destruction, so many people’s lives lost, and so many people lost all they had, apart from structural damage to roads, forests, agriculture, habitat for birds and animals, bridges, dams, human resources, and more.

For past few years, it has shown its presence every year, but this year seems to be not getting over with tussles with the climate crisis. Still, it is hitting, hitting hard at all places, one after another.

Nobody knew the extent of the climate crisis. Everyone thought the rain would stop soon, and the water would not go higher than this level, but then they woke up seeing the house float like fallen cards on water. All was gone, all of what they had was gone.

Nobody knew that the forest fire would enter the residential areas. Everyone thought the fires were in forests they wouldn’t come to residential areas, but they did, show their presence in residential areas. Destroying and burning all of the people’s belongings.

From cloud bursts to storms, cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes, they are all bringing unexpected winds and waters at unexpected times, to near and distant places. All these leave infrastructures destroyed, many succumb to their injuries, many lose lives, relatives, and some lose their businesses for long times to come.

In these situations where do common people go? Where do they ask for help from? These are tough questions in tough times. These questions are not for just one area on the planet, but this is a story of the whole planet.

So why not have a voice heard, who will hear the plea of people who lost some or much of their life possessions or relations?

Are there a systems to hear individual voices? Where else would people tell their stories about their losses?

How else can people prepare for the next climate calamity?

This needs regular updates from the weather forecast department. The weather forecast should be timely noted and news distributed, this is happening in almost every country now. But what about people who lost in these events? Pains and sufferings don’t go the like that.

An app, platform or website is required. But is that good enough? On this platform, common people can go and add their plea as a new or existing user and record their losses, emotions and applications. These apps can take donations from people on one side and release them to needful ones on the other side.

All this is apart from what individual governments do and provide, maybe it can all be collaborated in one system/app. Many countries have such a framework. If the countries already have these systems it’s well and good, just awareness of such systems should be made public to bring hope to the lives of people who don’t know about such a support system.

These are some questions we need to ask to tackle the after-effects of the climate crisis.

It’s just the beginning but we need systems in each country where people can report about being hit by the climate crisis and what and how the NGOs in the region can help.

The next topic is how to lessen these worsening conditions.

To be continued…

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