Another Role for Robots – Life Partners or Married Couples? #Robot #fiction

Note: This is a fictional story and has no basis in reality and the current situation. All characters and all concepts are fictional and completely imaginary. The plot is of year 2041. This post does not want to hurt anyone’s religious views as it is completely fictional and imaginary.

#Sci-fi #fiction #imagination #story

Robotics has enhanced to this level, that robots can talk, walk, sing, do work, visit offices, and whatnot. All this by looking so human in all ways.

It’s the year 2041, and the developments in all areas of technology, intelligence, manufacturing, and production are at their highest levels.

This is a peak time in the history of mankind, that such advancements are possible.

There is an app on app stores called Robo Partner. Through this app, people can meet and talk to Robots to be their partners. Each robot on the other side of the app is a proficient robot, skilled with mechanical movements, good memory, other skills, knowledge, passions. Most of these robots are made by top companies including the Nisa Robotics. Some of these robots are made by startup organizations as well. Robots are also asked how do they rate the conversations as there is a right to robotic choices in the picture.

Some of these robots are professionally trained as well, all this because some partners want to talk about professions to their partners. Hence, Nisa company provides this option to the to be a life partner to be skilled at some extra costs. Further, more skills can be added to the robot while the finalizing of the partner is performed.

Startup companies provide a broad spectrum of options that add variations to the choice bucket.

People are so happy with robotic partners that some people are considering to register this relationship as well. Yes, that means marrying a robotic partner.

However, marrying a robot is still not legal, but they add this option in documents when they choose a robot to guarantee robot’s rights. After all the robot was made with love and care by the maker and is beloved by all in his company.

Note: Some of these images are made by Open AI software Dalle.e.2

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