Lets make Earth fertile

This short article is to present to you the implications of small efforts in a bigger picture of a fertile planet. Land fertility, why should it be a topic of concern? This is because there is famine and lack of food, and water in the world. Fertile lands can play a pivotal role in initializing the campaign called “Lets make soil fertile once again”

When soil becomes fertile, food can be grown on the soil and there is no more a case of hunger in that place then. Fertility is lost from the land by repetitive growth of same crop, non-nourishment, and lack of care of the soil. Though there is some percentage of crop successive growth, weather and rains, which may impact the yield. But one should note that certain crops are robust and some crops can be grown in better way so that rains dont harm them. Lets focus on fertility of soil to produce more of onions, potatoes, tomatoes, radish and many other crops.

This does not need much, just your daily cooking residues to be collected in a drum mixed in layers with some soil. This is called compost. That is all, once your drum is ready, donate it, to the needy place, where soil needs fertility. That is all it needs, maybe a drum of size of a big bin can do work. Your place may be fertile but there are places on earth where this compost as it is called is required. It does not require huge donations, just small efforts from everyone who cooks a meal. That is it. One kitchen residue in one month can make someones park green and rich and ready to grow grass for cattles and vegetables for consumptions.

Why not experimenting this compost to be ploughed with dry soil where there is just dryness. The compost is made up of vegetable remains, fruit remains, hence have a water content in it too. Hence, this is a nice experiment to plough the driest lands on Earth with compost to make top few feets of soil fertile rest of it can be treated later, right now we need top few feets of lands as fertile. Then there would be enough food and fruits for all on Earth. Just one need to be experimenting on dry and infertilie lands to be plouged with compost.

Lets each kitchen make compost every other month or so.

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