Why to scold a child?

Why to scold a child? A child is a so young a person in growing years. Before adulthood the child already have to face teenage years, which are themselves hard on children, as child have to fight all those changes happening in body with plethora of information that he/she needs to process. Hence, the mother needs to prepare the child to enter teenage years. But its is seen some parents still in this era scold their children from bad scolding to badly scolding. Yes, I have seen this, from far and from very close as well.

Scolding a young child can make the child introvert and such children may find it difficult to open up as well to those associated with people who scold him/her. Scoldings leave permanent marking on a persons self image, which cant be undone. The child might rather find emotional blanket form other source than form the parent who scolded her/him.

Scolding one child and loving his/her younger sibling can be even more painful for the child who suffered, for example, the elder girl child has been scolded all time, while the younger boy child given all freedom to do anything and still being loved can impact the elder child emotions.

Scolding can cause trauma as well. If even before teenage, in the yester teen years, the child is being hit by harsh words, who was scolded as a toddler and then as a child in teenage with multitude of changes, regular scolding makes a hard impact on development of the sufferer. That this is what some people do, scold. These permanent scars on a person, can impact the functioning of normal way towards these people who frequently scolded the child.

When adulthood comes, these people continue the pattern of talks, which are rough, this may impact in a bad ways. Even if in adulthood the child is not subject to tortures, still distance grows. And even if his/her sister/brother claims no abuse was done, this cant heal the hurts.

Hence, stop shouting on young children, stop forcing them to eat food they dont want to, stop scolding child for better homework. Buy the child a balloon if the child cries so much rather than scolding the child, don’t take child to a mall, if you cant buy her/him a thing rather you scold the child for asking to buy a glittery things.

Its time to say, stop shouting, stop scolding and stop pressurizing children.

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