Respecting Someone’s Choices

Everyone is different in this world. A person is all but a sum total of his/her choices. As is said “The choices you make makes you”. You should take your choices and your choices should be respected. Even a small toddler makes his choice as early as even a one year old child. The child even tell you from which bottle he/she will drink the milk, in case feeding form a bottle. So why a one year old boy is being asked of his choice, why an adult is being forced to make decisions ?

This is important to understand a person is more than just a profession he/she follows. A person is what he/she writes, and thinks. Sometimes A profession is just a means to earn money, sometimes a person sees profession as a means to live too. This may happen that a profession is a celebrated as a mean to live and cheerish as well. That is sometimes a profession gives someone a reason to live, for he/she lives and enjoys each moment in this profession. While at times someone it is just in a profession since some decision was forced on his/her and that was not actually what he/she wanted to do in life.

Hence, it is important to respect someone’s choices. When you take everything as per your choice, why you are forcing your decisions on someone’s life. Why you want someone to use pursue your accordance?

Let’s live in a world where if your choices are understood, then others’ choices too should be respected. If a person wants to live a certain way, why do you want to interfere in this. Even teenagers have their say in so many things, so why not adults have their say and be understood ? The choice a child makes is a successful attempt in making him/her into an adult.

The adult reflects in all ways is a made from choice in each word he/she takes. Each hour a person spends on Earth, is an experience too. The experience of living a life, life as one chooses. No, not just an experience of work, or career. An experience of life, is each hour spend on Earth, the choices one makes, in what to do in this hour, what to promote in terms of personal choices and what to say, if he/she decides to speak in this hour, to mention a few. To conclude the article says, respect adults choices, and not impose your wishes on someone.

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