A recent news- AI will hack human brains ! Well Humans are much more than brains, humans have mind and spirits as well. While While AI tools are complex composite computational models which mimics brain problem solving. What will hack human brains is the devises to measure MRI signals of brain not AI.

It was an odd article I read today, that AI shall hack human brains. Well what will hack human brains is the devises to measure the MRI signals and brain activity and these DONOT USE AI. THESE ARE MECHANICAL DEVISES NOT AI DEVISES. One must understand AI first, then human brains and then humans. Understand what each is what each functions as. I shall cover a short description of each.

1. AI is a tool to work like human brains, even if AI reaches the level of human brains. No one know where the sprits come from, what mind is like. Yes in coming times we may get robots using Artificial Intelligence that have consciousness of the atmosphere. But one must note, gaining consciousness does not mean everything. Yes any new technique when it is newly developed is feared. Calculators were developed, but didn’t it eased our life ? Or we would had liked to calculate the highly complex mathematical numerical mathematical calculations on paper and pen ? No obviously, had then people would had thought this would take away jobs of humans who are doing mathematical calculations on with hands, would it had been good for us now ? No– as the humans who used to do calculations started doing some other works. Life goes on, things changes, so does challenges to be solved.

2. Now, let me tell you what human brain is, human brain is an organ capable of doing things as per what it learns, what is being taught in school and based on experiences and educations. See a young child now, he/she cries, he/she is attracted to certain things. This is not taught by any school, he/she is too young for all this. Thus this is the difference who guides a young child– soul/spirit/mind. Think yourself now about it!

3. Next, is humans. Humans are biological human beings who have many organs, brain is one organ, heart is another organ, now a days people with need are being implanted with artificial heart, or many other heart gadgets to help in functioning of heart. This means, we have data about the heart all time and newer AI based apps can even recommend the patients what to do and when. So should we fear that AI have hacked human heart ?

They say AI will hack human brains. Well, firstly no definition of AI aims to hack human brains till now. Science works with definitions and scientifically solving a problem. The problem can be solved with help of theoretical results new or existing or experimentally. AI is here to solve problems which are need of the hour, just like calculator was the need of the hour back then when it was invented.

In the era when we want to progress with AI, in new dimensions in outer space, in water and even under earth ! People taking like AI will hack human brains, seem illogical! One must understand there is a huge industry and scientific department called Artificial Intelligence. People are not working there day and night to hack human brains-but to solve the problems humans and planets to even solar system and sun are facing. Aim is to progress higher ahead of present times to new times and new challenges of future generations.

Yes, they say solution is creating multiple copies of data and to do surveillance of data. Firstly, data is collected as it is input to algorithm. Just like input to a multiplication problem to be solved in a calculator is input to data, when the computations in a calculator become complex, then the calculator started having memory options in the calculator. The current data is same, the data centers are like memory units of old calculators, which are needed to be saved as the calculations we need have become complex. What is complex in AI calculation that we need to save data in data centers- then ask any AI person- what the aim of his/her AI problem is, to help people in many things.

If you say — that a person recommending someone for a right movie to watch is a brain hacking, then it does not sound good, as AI algorithm was meant to make life easier. Given the presence of so many options available to humans given the presence of internet, one needs to chalk out quickly the best options suited to them. If you say recommending a news to read if AI brain hacking, then let me remind you, recommendation system is a branch of AI into research, but still learning to grow. What is needed is as I mentioned in my previous article that AI needs to edit the data it learns from – the input to the AI algorithm, not the brain hacking. We all love personalized services, this is like a person or we can say an assistant or much better, we all have a secretary to work for us. This secretary works for us recommends us right things as it knows us well. However the secretary is just an algorithm using the memory of ours stored of some data points. If you call keeping a secretary a brain hacking, well then I don’t agree. Same is calling AI being brain hacking!

Next they say data centers must be scrutinized with algorithms. Already hackers are targeting our data, why should an algorithm be allowed to access our data ? We don’t need surveillance ! What we trust is the companies which we like to recommend us. We have a choice to choose facebook or instagram or twitter, if we want to give data to these companies to recommend us– IN THE FIRST PLACE WE TRUST THEM THEN only we are using these, SECONDLY IT IS OUR DATA–SO IT IS OUR CHOICE WHETHER WE WANT TO USE THESE OR NOT. Thirdly, if someone things he/she is getting wrong recommendations, better use some other apps, no one is forcing you to use facebook, if its recommendation algorithm does work well with your needs. So if you think this app doesn’t suit you or your children- don’t use it. And at the same time the owners of the app such as facebook can work on improving the algorithms, some ways I have previously suggested on my website, one include what to give to training to an algorithm.

And this recommendations we need to ease our lives given the options, and is in no way brain hacking. Thirdly, why should we allow surveillance on our data. Imagine a digi locker we have, some one says, there may be thieves around, constantly go and open the locker to check if thieves have stolen things. This is absurd and poses more dangers of more thefts than the digi locker being at same place. Same is with data being under surveillance for checking if data has been stolen. Firstly, if you don’t like don’t use, use other apps, which provide you with better services. I wont like a surveillance on my data personally by an algorithm as is suggested in the references below. Already my WhatsApp was hacked — may be because of some same reasons. Next, data to be at multiple locations, is another recommendations, hopefully not at a competitor’s hacking country ?

Another news I have in reference says chip added in human brain, well you can add it on ears or in hairband as well, and to get the MRI signals. These to be used only in case of people in need to recover form severe brain injuries, incurred in case of sports or like. Hence, is a boon to mankind, why should someone suffer so much ? This is good so long as it is to help, but if not needed shall need to be regulated. As the MRI signals emitted form human brains can tell what a person thinks when co-related with words one hears, and can effect the working of humans, we need to save humans brains from MRI signals not data centers with surveillance algorithms. What algorithms you shall use when gadgets will carry MRI signal catcher — which can constantly catch what you are thinking —this is the real theft –this is the real problem! This needs to be solved and saved. Humans brains need to be saved from these brain activity measuring devises, this is the real threat not the data stored in the app we trust. But the apps which try to use MRI brain signals to know the words brains is processing.

To conclude AI had been a help to mankind given the new challenges humans have to face, just like calculator had been to solve challenges of mathematical calculations. Data had been saved to solve continuous problems. Millions are spend to make sure data is secure every month. There are processes and protocols, aim is to avoid any kind of surveillance of data by external algorithms, just as in example I gave above. There is no fear even if robots gain consciousness, as all is calculated, we support while box AI, when it comes, you shall know these are just calculations, calculations that don’t take numbers but symbols, images, sounds and natural languages as input. Believe in the power of mind and spirit that humans have and don’t be afraid of a complex composite computations engine called AI which is helping us solve more complex problems which humans are facing now, such as quick vaccine development and analyzing and finding patterns of what are reasons for corona to grow and where. Who can hack Mind ? Who can tell where sprits come form ? Further, the real threat is to save human brains from the devises to measure the MRI like signals emitted by brain- this will be real brain hacking. The one mentioned in references is data hacking! And we need tools to protect data from hackers not put another hacking surveillance tool on top of it.


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