Can computers make high level decisions?

It’s said that computers can’t be held accountable so can’t make decisions. Well first of all it is well said, by the author of this quote. I read it on LinkedIn. The aim stated that computers produce decisions while humans make decisions. The decision of computers can vary from small washing machine timer and alarms to fridge to even online recommendation for new topics to be scrolled. While human decision also used to work in the above specifications. But now, it’s said that “can computer decisions be considered?” Its a “Fuzzy Yes”.

There are things humans can still do better which is decision making, which hence we can avoid computers, wherever possible. But note here computers is referred to as computing devise howsoever small or big. So, problems should be divided into three categories, (1) The problems that can be relied upon for decision-making by machines or computers, (2) The problems who’s decision-making is solely done by humans, and (3) The decision making is Fuzzy, in terms it partly relies on machines before humans declare the human decision.

Further, it was said that machines can’t be held accountable, hence should not make decisions. Now, again here there are three things, as described above, and it should always allow machines to work with human judgements as well. Machines can be held accountable, but one must look at the fact that the patterns of decision making by machines are written by humans only. Thus humans write the machine codes to make decision. Why humans writes codes in high level languages? Well this is for understandability, robustness and speed, to mention few reasons. The decision made by machine, were once written by engineers guided by the experts in fields.

Holding machine accountable is another things. In businesses man makes decision and is held accountable. Machines now a days mimic working of a brain. But we have never heard a brain being held accountable, rather a person being held accountable. Is it brain versus mind ? Machine is made of learnings, rules, algorithms and can be held accountable too, as its made by humans only. Thats is why some softwares are more popular than others, as humans rely on some software more than other, for the results it produce suits and verifies more to human judgements.

Still we think that machines cant make decisions, is right as some facts always changes. So, let us consider this as machine guiding humans, just because they are smart, fast and analyzes data well, to assist humans. So, lets take the machine’s feedback and then let humans decide. Even though humans can do decision making without machine feedback as well. But for sure boardroom decisions and higher decision should be made by humans, where in charts can be provided by machines to assist.

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