TikTok Replacement. What does its replacement look like?

It’s replacement is not ready but it’s equivalent can be given a welcome. With everyone eying some or other fault with TikTok, why can’t we have a replacement of TikTok, not the same, but some app that can take care of the issues behind the TikTok inappropriate effects on youth, children and adults equally. It’s not just effect on youth but also private and public data breaches that are claimed by some media. With some or many of these claims several places have banned the use of TikTok.

The primary issue of conflict were, addiction, data breaches, privacy issues, and other harms. All these are key points to be considered to be used or to be dropped out of cart. However, a replacement is a welcome step, which can fill in gaps of use of TikTok and at same time is an app in making. The making can for better. Another app in like in instagram which again is subject to question for many points TikTok is being asked. However, with TikTok being a Chinese company, more is asked about it rather than from instagram.

Instagram cant be replacement of TikTok for many issues covered in the concerns for TikTok are also concern for the other app. An app that serves to appease youth and adults alike and at same time does not cause harm of comparisons, self-image are key in concern for a replacements. Insta I dont think so, covers these points. And still insta is not banned form use in same places where TikTok is banned, because in addition to all those things comes state wies data breach, that is of even more concern.

So, no, app makers, you dont have to make an app from scratch, the app can be any video and photo editing app, to start with. And making it a sharing app, just focus is harm that were covered in FB and TikTok news are not part of your app making. I wish you all a happy app making. Its time to change the apps. Let only good prosper on social media too, lets end the hateful editings and harms. No this is not monitoring of app, this is about rethinking, what we are getting from the app, by investing in it. The investment can be in term of money or time, time is equally valuable a thing. Its replacement looks like to be without these issues, reduced issues and a happy sharing app, serving all for best. Its replacement looks like to be without these issues, reduced issues and a happy sharing app, serving all for best.

Imagine the app you sit with you child with to edit your pics comes up to become more of a popular app. And your pictures are debut pictures in the nascent stages of the new app. No tension of data breaches, neither of harmful effects of some old apps. Come on this is an era of technical people, why cant we make such replacements? I hope many eggs of these new apps would be bursting now to produce the replacements of TikTok we are talking about.

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