Which social media should people use now?

Twitter Post Deal or Twitter Sale, what should it be called?

Musk must be richest man on Earth, but that doesn’t make him the owner of Earth. Yes he owns Twitter for sure now. From building a bed room in office for employees, to extended work hours, to carrying  a washbasin on the day deal was set, all these seem like news making stunts. Or he is always in news by default.

So many layoffs by Twitter were shocking, and many more IT leads followed the same suit for layoffs. But asking to work extended hours was too much. There are labour hours on how much a person should work for an organisation, yes until these are voluntary works. 

Paid for services by Twitter proposed by Elon makes sure that only verified Twitter accounts are shown with a verified mark. What about those people who don’t want to pay for verification? Is verification so costly by a company owned by richest man on Earth. May be it would be costly as the employees are sacked, and the few line code for software to verify needs some level of coding. What else, verification would ask phone number, id and email address. This could have some page of code, if all if and buts are added. Anyways, this is no more same Twitter, this is Musk’s company.

It’s Time for new social media company, that can give end user some free space to use social media as social media. What are other options in Facebook data is not very safe at times as per prior news, Twitter seem to have any more new rule anytime, insta is not our kinds, it’s for too young or too happening people. WhatsApp is messaging tool, LinkedIn is fine but is only for professionals, what social media should common people use now? Any hints?

Hence now the focus should change from new rules from Twitter to new upcoming social media companies and be broad minded to try them as well, yes there would be loss of followers but you could advertise for sure on Twitter your new social media account and in this way many and most followers would come on new social media app as well. Happy searching new social media apps and share with me as well. 

Thank you. Have a nice festive time.

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