Biodiversity-What Next!!

Biodiversity is one big term for ecosystems, the diverse species and their genetic variations of kinds known. These should include the term unknown as well, for the complete list of diverse species of flora and fauna since centuries are all not documented. We don’t know who else were there on earth before mankind started to document the biodiversity.

Now, there is a biodiversity conference going on now, but this article does not cover that. This article just introduces some facts to the already plethora of information available on the internet. Firstly, one should know what is the role of citizens in biodiversity preservation. Well,  biodiversity preserving required little efforts from everyone on Earth and some big steps by decision-makers and those who have time and investments to make it true.

Something called a country’s biodiversity funds needs to be made and established. Through these funds, lands need to be bought to enrich them with natural ecosystems, artificial ecosystems, and semi-artificial ecosystems. These are three kinds of ecosystems which can be brewed in the lands so bought, with real or simulated temperatures and conditions to sustain a real ecosystem even if the ecosystem is not in the domain of that country, for example, cheeries and the related ecosystem being made in a better place but with other conditions.

Many things can be learned in all these frameworks that need to be looked at, these are, who shall take care of the maintenance of artificial and semi artificial ecosystem—who else but AI, I being an AI person, would love to tell you more on how it can be done, but all this in a separate issue of articles. Right I am focusing just on the points.

Some species migrate, in that case providing inter country habitats and ecosystems can be benifitial, this can also increase the study of how flies and birds find their paths, how bears migrate and enter hibernations, how penguins live. These are all research topics in all, I have some more research ideas, that I shall provide when I get time.

Now, countries to be give badges and points based on how nice their near extinction species are doing when compared to other countries. Why? As competition provides a big accelerator to the progress, where there is focus some cluths of the cars of progress are made in that direction. Lets nominate Biodiversity scores, lets nominate the best kept ecosystem awards.

Why not an AI based Zoo, AI based animal parks? AI based national reserves, preserving and proving animals, species and auto-documenting all this?

Further, all this needs money, so donations should be allowed as direct donations to biodiversity funds, which are tax free donations ? More on international helps in co-building each others biodiversity.

In the end, biodiversity is a key part of coexisting life we share with variety of species here on Earth. Let’s use IOT, AI and tech for these species. We have Bot based Pizza delivery, so why not a small cat and big cat food delivery if they are hungry. A smell based sensor to direct a tiger to a new resting place? And deers directed by fresh grass smell to safe place to save them from excess rains, which was declared in weather news. Yes, if humans are evacuated in high rains and high heat, why not animals be guided in such cases using smell and sound based signals. Tech and AI can help in all these. These are all research topics, and many research need to be done to make these the Jungle Gatekeeper. I can guide you more on these topics, but this is the Future. So Biodiversity Conference can make these next five year plan, as typically a research finish in five years.

Have a nice Biodiversity Conference!

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