Working Four days a week- A more comprehensive survey is required

Note: These facts are based on personal observations and can be analysed by a broader survey.

This is a recent norm, at many places, where work is now as four days a week. This was welcomed by many many and those who love to work five days a week never said a word about it. Is there any one of you who would want to work five days a week? If so Why ? Well, there are people who work six days a week as well, and there are those who work seven days a week. There are many who want to work three days a week too. Some like flexible work, others like work from home. There are many who would like to have a flexible option to work, ask them if they want to work for five days or four days, a week, and appropriate pay adjustments be made. Certainty, this also depends on age groups. Which age group likes what kind of work routine? This is what the analysis should be based on, age band, gender, preferences in life, nationality, and much more and so on.

Hence, it is not  a matter of four days a week or five days a week, some people voluntarily work seven days a week too at times, including self-employed people. Many want to skip the weekend pleasure for upcoming targets to be reached- personal or professional targets. This implied whether you are a  young professional with a girlfriend and if you are a single young professional of same age, still the choice may differ, as one focus on profession or on other things, and yet another a married young couple having difficulty conceiving may vary in their approach to liking four days a week as well. Another point is where are you working, if you are working in a stable job, or a big MNC, or a government job, you would insist four days a week workload, while employee of any age in a startup may willingly say no, and may want to work even on weekends, as their jobs are not very easy, and they would love to learn new skills on a Friday in office.  These facts are based on personal observations and can be analysed by a broader survey.

Working five days a week is not bad. But when job security is met, people try focus on other things in life, but there may be those who want to learn even on Fridays. It all is relative, hence I think a broader analysis should be taken, for this, that is a survey. The survey to capture not just age, gender, working organization, love, preferences, aims, aspirations, heath from all kind of people on Earth, not just some people. The audience of this shall vary from government offices, to private sectors of all kinds, startups to even self-employed and educated unemployed people as well. Some people feel bored and hence want four days a week, well then in such cases office should try some measures to keep employees motivated such as wherein offices may try some innovative works for Friday, such as learning a new skill. While other employees feel relaxed with increased productivity on a four day work schedule.

My choice is flexible work option four days or five days a week. A survey can bring to light many facts about many things of work preferences to be studied as a theory and research.

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