Understanding Responsible Robotics-Why and How?

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Responsible robotics assumes robotics that is helping humans in solving problems and assisting humans in needful work, and at the same time, Robotics should not do wrong things to harm mankind in any way. With this being the aim, responsible robotics can be built. Once the software is set and knows a machine always follows the rules inscribed in its software, one can be confident that responsible robotics cant hither towards the wrong side.

One must understand the right side as well as the wrong side to make a robotics operating system, a system that runs the robots. Let us assume that the robotics software is manufactured by company N1 and robotics company R1 manufactures robots that have underlying software from company N1. The robotics company ensembles, and make parts that work in tandem with the help of software from company R1.

This is not about generative AI alone, it’s about cross-checking what was generated by AI and what would be allowed for robotics. Not all AI algorithms shall be safe in robotics, hence it is a must to have specialized AI software for robots. There is a direct relation between the growth of AI and the growth of robotics proficiency since robotics do use AI. However, many modules of robotics are also based on non-generative AI.

Why we need robots is a different question. It is required to do things human can’t do. It has to understand the problems before understanding what it can solve. There are huge lists of applications and all this does not mean job losses, no, just like calculators, mobile phones didn’t take away jobs without giving in new jobs in the same way robots installed in cities and states, won’t take away jobs without giving in new jobs. Just like making a space for a cat in the house don’t undermine your tv time. This can be the way to go ahead, not by blocking developments but by embracing change. Moreover, humans have reached a cliff from where there seem to be only a few paths ahead.

Now, let’s focus back on robotics, whether we use it or someone else uses it. To clarify many robotics are used even now in various locations and industries. Won’t you want a robotics-based rescue from mine in case of some need? Won’t you want robotics to fix another planet before humans go there? And what if you are promised that robots won’t take your jobs but are preparing for some outer space mission that is not safe for humans? Why should humans be sent to other planets before machines? Yes, you would say “There is no Planet B”, yes but look at the challenges being faced here, and there is no harm in trying to make a Planet B while retaining the health, and vigor of Planet A, which is Earth. Its a long way to go.

Won’t you like fire-resistant robots to go and help in forest fires where the firefighters can’t go? Robotics to separate from garbage electronic materials and plastic? How much can humans do alone? There are jobs not meant for humans, let us accept that truth and there comes machines to use.

Machines all powered by operating systems from AI software company N1 ought to be well-tested by N1 before being installed in robots from company R1. The problem with responsible robotics is competing robots. Ever heard of competing and fighting robots? Yes, robots from one country/organization challenge robots from another country/organization. Let’s have universal machines which are neutral and are only for the welfare of humans. Hence, a peace deal is required even before robots are made and used. These are the why’s and the how’s work on human deals before the use of the machines.

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