Fireproof Houses Amid Climate Change Threats

What kind of Houses would be stable for these new Climate Threats?

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The latest tragic case of climate change was when houses in Maui, Hawaii, were burnt down to ash, as was rightly said by some journalists, to be a blast on the land.

What kind of Houses would survive climate change then?

This is not town planning just planning the house building.

Are we going too fast in reconstructing such places?

No, then we need houses that are:

Fireproof, means the material it is made of should be right. Can some kind of covering on the existing structure help? Or a new house need to be made? Would fireproof material work in such severe fires?

— Flood Proof, means when it rains in excess the structure should not be affected nor should the water enter the lowers living areas

— A floor high living areas so that no water enters

— Tolerant to hailstones of all sizes and kinds

— Tolerant to excess heat

— Waterlogging — If reconstructing an entire locality

— Excess snow handling

— High winds

— Now, cyclone and typhoon-safe houses?

— Many answers need experts in several fields to sit and discuss and come out with solutions!

Climate change is here, let’s adapt to it.

When making a new locality, house, or community, review these points.

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