Names based on Sounds Needs Emphasis as Well

Energy, sound, voice, and speech

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It is a known fact that sound too has energy. When a person calls on your name, it’s not just that they hear you, it is heard in an environment too, and apart from that the sound carries an energy. So, the thing that one cares most about sound is one’s name or children’s name or the name of one’s work, or even pets or companies.

So, sound has energy, when someone takes your name, it is associated with an energy pool in the vicinity or universe, as is the case. There is no known formal proof of it but a point to think about. How do we name our children, based on sounds we like most, or based on what priests tell us. It’s time we get more involved in it. Let’s also consider what sound we like most and what sound the new name to be. The liking can be nice and relaxing to the ears or jolly to the brain and mind.

Traditionally in many parts of the world, people do keep names based on liking the name to their ears and brains. For example, if you say the name to be Adi, the sounds are as follows: AA-DEE, the spelling can vary, but the sound should not vary. If this sound suits you, then the name can be kept as Adi or AAdee or likes.

Now, in some places in the world, there are theories of what alphabet a name is represented in, that is they think it is on the basis of numerology. Numerology deals with what the name is made of, and the alphabets in the name. With numerology, it also suggests a person’s persona, profession, and personal life.

And you go to some numerologist expert who suggests you add an extra “A” in your name or delete an I and replace it with an e. However, all this won’t change the sound of the name. Hence, sound energy needs to be understood as well, as is numerology theory for names.

It’s okay, no I am not saying to change names, just let’s add this as a point to consider while naming a new baby in-house or a new company you are starting.

Happy Naming of New Babies and Happy naming of new things in house pets or new companies!

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