UFO, UAP, Reflection or a New Physics? — Part 3

Note: The article posts some suggestions, these are just alternate points and these are not claims that such a things exist. These are just suggestions to turn the investigation of UAP, UFOs in a new direction. None of them exists to the best of author’s knowledge. Further, the article is present on author’s medium.com account as well.

Recently there have been more discussions worldwide on Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP) and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). This topic has been much in the news this past month.

In the previous article, I covered the mechanisms of UFO’s which are not conducive to the Physics of Earth. Everything on Planet Earth follows the principles of the Laws of Physics of Planet Earth. These laws of Earths Physics are well-tested, repeatable, and trusted on Earth and even in large spaces outside Earth, that these laws hold. For all the space satellites and objects send from Earth beyond Earth’s atmosphere follow the laws of physics of Earth as well. But UAP, UFO defy the laws of physics of Earth.

So — UAP? “What is it?” & “Why do we need to care about it?”

What it is?

Well as the name suggests it’s an unidentified object or aerial phenomenon. This means till now it has not been identified.

Given it uses no fuels and no wings to fly.

Is it a mirror image or is it a new Physics?

If it is a mirror image where is the actual object and how is it reflected in the country’s skies?

People can see it, especially the pilots and those in skies.

Is it visible from ground as well?

Or is it just a bag of UV rays? Perhaps some IR rays?

What is impact of such rays in skies and how does it unfold?

Why do we care about it?

As it is in Earth’s atmosphere, more importantly, it is in a country’s airspace. The country in whose airspace these phenomena are encountered would obviously be worried about it.

Now, what about other countries?

Is it disturbing only North America.

Or is it that only North America cares about it, rest countries are ignoring it altogether?

If not, where are the details about UAP from other countries?

Some people say that, there are aliens in the remains of UAP and in UFOs.

If so one can study further about where they came for, and hence it becomes important. As one gets to learn the New Physics.

So have other countries in the world too collected the remains of UAPs and UFOs? If so its time to compare the results.


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