Afghanistan Crisis – My Views, Why To Rule Another Person Country– Rule Your Own

Foreign forces leaving a country used to be celebrated in earlier times. In times when world was colonized, everyone seek one thing—“Rule by Own People”. As far as I remember the history, there were movements for independence, where foreign forces were thrown out of the lands. Why? To make a rule by own people. “Those who live in a country wanted to make their own governments” and rule by people was established in this process.

And this is right as well – Every country has right to be lead and be guided by the government chosen by the very people who lives there. I cannot understand the very question that a foreign country to rule another country, partly or fully. Hence for me, the very decision of even going in someone else’s country and ruling there is a bizarre and un-ethical thing. Someone wants to kill a terrorist, then why to stay there, the very beginning of this mission is a BIG QUESTION. Why was it started even ?

The people of the country know well how to maintain their own country. I give you the example of independence of India. To send British troops and leaders out of country major mass movements were made, conducted, many fights were fought. But the people were so confident  and bold, they never took defeat on heart, they fell badly only to rise again. And who doesn’t know Gandhi and one of the biggest moments for independence to establish rule by own people in the country. Your country might have struggled a bit to attain what it is today Freedom to live in your own regional values, ways, traditions and desires.

Had the generations before ours not fought against the enforced minorities, no freedom might had been ever been possible. What I think is stories of great moments of freedoms to build the faith should be telecasted. Running away is a temporary solution. But fighting is another. And sometimes even fighting back against the coup is not a solution either, brave people of Myanmar are marching day and night to establish a rule by people back in their country. But who is listening? No freedom had ever been easy, we can see Myanmar people moment for freedoms on daily basis. 

What I would suggest is, educated people of Afgan should not just move out, they are educated have seen life, know the things, its time for you all to guide the innocents of the same lands. I am not saying to march as Myanmar citizens doing, but to guide the panicked people who need more than anything words of faith form their own people. Faith that the educated urban people of their own country shall find the solution to their problems and are working hard to bring their lives to safety.

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